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Singing Lessons
in Queens

Welcome to JM Voice Studio

Julian Morris, a professional singer and educator, maintains a private teaching studio at 37 W 65th St, and works with many singers from Queens. Adults and teens are welcome to take lessons, and whether you are auditioning for high school theatre productions, grad school, or simply want to find your voice so that you can join a community choir, get in touch! Julian applies his years of performing and teaching experience at the individual level; he takes your unique goals, skills, and genre preferences into account when creating a lesson plan for you. Get in touch for more information. He’d be happy to schedule a trial lesson.

Voice lessons new york city
Studio space in Manhattan, at 37 W 65th St (4th Floor)

What students are saying.

Jill H.

“Julian is fantastic!  Incredibly nice and incredibly knowledgeable. My daughter has learned so much from him and I can definitely tell a difference in her singing.  Highly recommended!"

Meet Julian

From Carnegie Hall to Auditorio Nacional de Música in Madrid, Julian has performed at world-class venues with acclaimed ensembles. He has worked with the LA Opera, Clarion Society, Bard Music Festival, Ember Choral Arts, the Cecilia Chorus, and many others. In addition to his performance schedule, Julian Morris maintains an active membership the New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA), and he often networks with other teachers in search of new and effective teaching strategies. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the prestigious Jacobs School of Music and Indiana University.

Singing lessons NYC

Singing Lessons For Different Goals

Vocal Coaching For the Experienced Singer in Queens

While I often work with singers on sound production, the fundamentals of breathing, and technique in general, I love working with knowledgeable singers in more of a coaching capacity.

A professional vocal coach plays an instrumental role in guiding a talented singer towards Broadway success or mastering the nuances of an opera aria. Firstly, in terms of repertoire selection, a coach would consider the singer's vocal range, timbre, and strengths, ensuring chosen pieces accentuate these qualities and show you at your best. They would also consider the emotional resonance and the narrative aspect of the pieces, aligning them with roles the singer is right for.

For audition preparation, a vocal coach would simulate real-life audition scenarios, providing critical feedback on performance dynamics, emotional connection, and technical execution. We would strategize on making an impactful first impression, song beginnings and endings, and even stage presence.

Diction, especially in opera, is important. A coach would break down challenging phrases, focusing on the pronunciation of vowels and consonants, breath control, and ensuring that linguistic accuracy doesn't compromise vocal quality. They might employ techniques like tongue-twisters in various languages or focused listening exercises.

Teaching Beginners in a Fundamentally Sound Way

If you are new to singing, or if you enjoy singing but haven’t taken formal lessons before, there is much we can work on. We can work on securing your range through vocal exercises, practice your technical abilities by working on scales and arpeggios, and discuss the importance of the breath. We will also dig into the role of the body in singing – our body is our instrument. Most of my teaching is rooted in the Bel Canto singing tradition, which is aligned in many ways with other schools, such as speech level signing.


We will also cover the basics of music, not just singing. We can work on sight singing and rudiments of music theory, particularly in the clef you sing in (sopranos would be treble clef for instance, while a baritone would be in the bass clef). Sight singing is a skill necessary for some auditions. We can also learn about rhythm, time signatures, accidentals, and other foundational elements of music in your lessons.

Genre-Specific Voice Lessons

Do you want to learn how to sing Pop? Or, do you want to sing on Broadway, perform in an opera, become the next Nashville-famous singer-songwriter, or specialize in jazz music? Be open about your goals and preferences. We can incorporate pop, rock, classical, jazz, or other genres into your lessons. Some of my singers wish to belt more effectively, while others want to have a stronger relationship with their head voice or falsetto, mixed voice, learn to do runs and riffs, or other contemporary vocal techniques.


A Well-Rounded Knowledge of Vocal Repertoire

I believe that repertoire selection is incredibly important for singers, and that’s for two primary reasons. First, the music you sing in lessons should benefit you pedagogically by reinforcing new concepts and stretching your limits, technically and range-wise. Second, the music you sing should bring you joy. After all, if you don’t enjoy the music, why would you want to sing it well?

I have a vast knowledge of vocal literature for basses, baritones, tenors, mezzos, sopranos, and everything in between, and whether you know your voice type or need help figuring it out, we can select music that you will love. I will specifically assign songs that will help you grow as a singer and musician. From Broadway standards to Dolly Parton tunes and Schumann Lieder, we will find the right music for you.

Learn the Art of Practicing

While I teach concepts and guide growth for singers, one of my most important functions is teaching you how to practice. I offer vocal exercises to my students, and show them exactly how to perform these exercises every day. Furthermore, I break down each new song into accessible bits and pieces for you to practice on your own. Whether it’s a challenging jump, a long phrase with no time for a breath, a tricky scalar passage, or something else, I will help you develop strategies for practicing these components. Over time, you will gain confidence and the ability to create your own practice methods.

Opportunities For Singers in Queens, NY

This list is far from exhaustive, but here are a handful of opportunities for amateur, semi-professional, or aspiring professional singers in Queens, NY. It can be incredibly fulfilling to meet other singers, perform music together, and improve together during rehearsals.

Queens College Choral Society

If you want to join an open and vibrant community of singers, consider the Queens College Choral Society. The Queens College Choral Society, established in 1941 and based at Queens College, CUNY, stands as a testament to the musical heritage and commitment to choral excellence in Queens, NY. Comprising students, alumni, faculty, and community members, this inter-generational ensemble has consistently showcased an expansive repertoire, spanning from classical masterpieces to contemporary compositions. Under the guidance of accomplished directors, the Choral Society has not only performed at their home campus but also at renowned venues across New York. Their concerts serve as a bridge between the college and the larger Queens community, fostering a shared appreciation for the transformative power of choral music.


Oratorio Society of Queens

Established in 1927 as the Oratorio Society of Flushing, the group underwent a rebranding in 1985 to become the Queens Oratorio Society (OSQ), mirroring its expansive Queens-based membership. Under the expert guidance of Maestro David Close, OSQ boasts a collective of members ranging from educators to visual artists. The ensemble offers a rich blend of musical genres, from iconic choral pieces to American folk melodies and popular show tunes. Noteworthy events in their annual calendar encompass spring renditions of timeless choral compositions and December showcases featuring portions of Handel’s Messiah. Their performance history includes appearances at various Queens locations, the notable 1940 World’s Fair, and New York's Lincoln Center, with notable collaborations like that with the Queens Symphony.

Forest Hills Choir

The Forest Hills Choir is a civic choir with open membership year-round (you will need to audition). One excellent program they sponsor is the Summer Sings in Queens series, where amateurs may gather and read through famous works, like the Faure Requiem, in a professional setting with a full choir.

The Astoria Choir

Founded in 2010, the Astoria Choir offers a wonderful communal singing experience to amateurs in a 100+ person choir setting. They do hold auditions each fall, and singers will need to demonstrate basic sight singing skills and perform a bit of repertoire. This is something that we can specifically drill in your singing lessons.

Long Island Community Theatre Cooperative

If you or your pre-college student would like to sharpen your theatre skills, consider auditioning for a community production at this establishment. Auditions are open, and we can focus on audition material and Broadway singing skills in your private voice lessons in Queens.

Contact the Leading Voice Teacher
for Singers in Queens, NY

If you are ready to get started with singing lessons in NYC, get in touch. I work with students from all backgrounds and skill levels, and everyone from beginner adults to talented high schoolers is welcome. In your first lesson, we will assess your skill level and goals, then take it from there. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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