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Drama Students

Voice Lessons for Teens & College Audition Prep

Lessons for Teenagers

and Coachings for BFA, BM, BME, or BA Auditions

Build Good Habits

There is no better time to start building a reliable, healthy, and consistent technique than when you are in high school or middle school. Whatever your goals for the future, I work with my teen and pre-college students to make sure they are getting off on the right foot! 

The better prepared your child is when they walk into their auditions, the more likely they will be not only to gain admission into their choice schools, but also to be considered for merit-based scholarships. Scholarships are important not only financially, of course, but also because they can be a good indicator of the school's sincere desire to have your child attend.

Put Together the Perfect Audition Package

Different programs have different audition requirements. Depending on where your child is applying, I will work with them (and you) to make sure we select repertoire that not only satisfies the school's requirements, of course, but that also showcases your child at their absolute vocal best. Sometimes the right songs for this are from modern musical theatre repertoire, and sometimes it is from other styles, like classical musical theatre (think Rodgers & Hammerstein or Lerner & Loewe), classical song, or jazz standards. I have a deep knowledge of all of these styles, and am well-equipped to point your child in the right direction.

Determining the Right Schools and Degree Programs

There are no shortage of BM, BFA, BME, and BA programs out there, and all come with their potential pros and cons. Important factors to consider when choosing which schools to apply to go far beyond just the name and prestige. We will consider which schools have ample and appropriate performance opportunities for your child, which schools have the right faculty and teachers, and which degree program most aligns with your childs interests, strengths, and goals.

Some students thrive in a conservatory environment within a larger university, like Indiana University or University of Michigan. Others are more suited to a more strictly fine arts-based environment, like Boston Conservatory or Manhattan School of Music. And still others may fare best at a smaller program. There are many worthy degree programs beyond just those offered by big name schools.

A Nurturing, Caring Studio for Your Child

I went through the college audition process. I remember its challenges and stressors well. I strive to guide every student realistically based on their strengths, to help them determine what is possible for them, and what they want at this stage (know that for some that may change later on!). Pursuing a college degree in the performing arts is difficult and can be intense. Preparing for these auditions can be a very vulnerable time, and I want to be there to help both you and your child navigate it.

If you would like more information about my voice lessons in NYC, or if you'd like to study musical theatre or engage  in vocal coaching, please get in touch.

Voice Audition Preparation NYC
“Julian is fantastic!  Incredibly nice and incredibly knowledgeable. My daughter has learned so much from him and I can definitely tell a difference in her singing.  Highly recommended!"
-Jill H.
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