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Singing Lessons on the Upper East Side

Professional singer and voice teacher Julian Morris offers voice lessons to students from the Upper East Side in his studio at 37 W 65th St near Lincoln Center. He helps pre-college students and adults, and whether you are a beginning singer or experienced musician, you are welcome to enroll. Julian has years of experience working with singers of all levels, and he can help students prepare for theater auditions, sing confidently in a variety of styles, and understand the fundamentals in a way that will apply to any genre or technique.

Voice lessons new york city
Studio space in Manhattan, at 37 W 65th St (4th Floor)

Jill H.

“Julian is fantastic!  Incredibly nice and incredibly knowledgeable. My daughter has learned so much from him and I can definitely tell a difference in her singing.  Highly recommended!"

Meet Julian Morris, Your Voice Teacher

Julian Morris is an experienced professional soloist and ensemble performer who has worked with the LA Opera, Clarion Society, Bard Music Festival, the Cecilia Chorus, Carnegie Hall Presents, Auditorio Nacional de Música, and other world class ensembles and venues. He has performed in operas, concerts, and musicals, in the US and abroad. He is a member of the New York Singing Teachers Association, and he has accumulated years of teaching experience with students of all ages, goals, and abilities.

Julian is always happy to help singers reach their specific goals. Some students want to sing tunes from the Great American Songbook, while others have a particular Mozart aria in mind. Other students just want to get comfortable singing pop tunes, jazz songs, or worship music confidently and in tune. 

You are always encouraged to share information about your favorite music, singers, and musical outlets, and that information will be used to make lessons individualized to you.

Singing lessons NYC

Upper East Side Singing Lessons That Are Rooted in the Fundamentals

While you can dig into jazz, rock, pop, R&B and other genres in Julian’s studio, these popular singing styles still rely on fundamentals. Julian makes sure that each student knows how to breathe well, sing without tension, move comfortably and seamlessly through their range, sing with a clear, beautiful tone, and more.

Learn Healthy Breathing Technique

Shallow breathing can derail even the most talented singers. Breathing is the source of singing, no matter the style. It's not just about inhaling deeply; it's about controlled exhalation, providing consistent support to the voice. Excellent breath support matters because it enables singers to project comfortably, easily achieve dynamic range, and maintain vocal health.

Sing Without Tension

Tension restricts the free and easy vibration of the vocal folds (also called “vocal cords”) and reduces resonance, leading to a strained or thin sound. Over time, this strain can cause vocal nodules or other damage. Additionally, tension can impede breath support, resulting in pitch instability and reduced stamina. Emotionally, tension hinders genuine expression, making performances feel forced or disconnected. For the longevity of one's voice and the authenticity of artistic delivery, understanding and avoiding tension is paramount for every singer.

Voice Teacher For Genre-Specific Technique


As you learn the fundamentals of singing, you can also start to explore genre-specific singing techniques.


Learn To Sing Popular Music Styles

Modern pop music showcases a range of singing techniques, each adding depth and nuance to the genre's qualities. At the forefront is the mixed voice, a blend of the chest and head voice. This technique can help singers to reach higher notes comfortably, blending the robustness of their chest voice with the smoothness of the head voice. If you are a belter, remember that all good belting is a mix of chest voice and head voice!

In contrast, the chest voice offers a resonant sound used primarily for the lower to mid-range notes, bringing depth to verses and melodies. A hallmark of some pop artists is the introduction of grittiness to their vocals. This raw texture imparts an edgy, emotional feel, enhancing a song's narrative. To juxtapose the weightier tones of the chest voice, pop singers often employ falsetto and head voice techniques, enabling them to hit higher pitches with a lighter approach. These moments of ethereal sound create emotional contrasts in a song. We love chest voice, mixed voice, and head voice! It is important to develop a healthy relationship with all three.

Additionally, vocal runs and riffs can showcase a singer's agility and add flair to performances. When used tastefully, these can add energy and flair to a performance - working with a skilled teacher will help you to sing runs and riffs with agility and clarity. 

From musical theatre, to classical, to pop, work with Julian Morris to master your art.

Speech Level Singing Technique

At the core of everything we practice in the studio is the concept of Speech Level Singing: we sing much in the same way we speak. It urges tension-free singing to showcase your natural voice, through optimal breath support, and clear, simple vowels.


Upper East Side Music Theater Lessons

Interested in auditioning for a theater production or pursuing a career on the stage? Broadway and Musical Theatre singing demands versatility and a robust toolkit of vocal techniques. A strong chest voice is vital for delivering powerful, emotive numbers. Mixing allows singers to transition smoothly across registers, essential for the musical diversity of Broadway songs. Belting, a signature technique, involves singing higher notes with chest resonance, evoking strong emotions. Clear diction ensures every word, crucial to storytelling, is understood. Vibrato, a natural function of the human voice,adds warmth and depth. Since live theater demands consistent performances, professional singers also prioritize vocal health, such as optimal breath support and technique-focused warm-ups. This combination of techniques ensures clarity, emotion, and stamina on stage.

Contact Julian Morris For Singing Lessons in the Upper East Side Today

Julian Morris is a leading voice teacher in NYC, and he would be happy to work with you. Please get in touch to learn more about his studio, lesson packages, or scheduling a lesson.

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