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Your Vocal Coach in New York City (NYC)

If you’re a vocalist who needs help preparing music for performance, choosing the perfect repertoire for a recital or audition, or polishing your delivery, contact voice teacher, singer, and coach Julian Morris. He sings professionally in a variety of settings both as a soloist and chamber musician, and he would love to share his experience with you. Julian works with singers across genres and musical styles, ranging from beginners and hobbyists, to working professionals.

Voice lessons new york city
Studio space in Manhattan, at 37 W 65th St (4th Floor)

Jill H.

“Julian is fantastic!  Incredibly nice and incredibly knowledgeable. My daughter has learned so much from him and I can definitely tell a difference in her singing.  Highly recommended!"

Sensitive Vocal Coaching in NYC


Julian always respects the relationship you have with your formal singing teacher in NYC. While he is highly qualified to assign practice methods, analyze technique, and teach the physiological nature of the voice, he understands that if you are working with a qualified instructor, you should already be receiving that information.

Vocal coaching sessions focus on readiness for performance. The building blocks of a beautiful and powerful voice are there – he helps his coaching students polish their performances and take pieces of repertoire “over the top.”

Singing lessons NYC

What Do Vocal Coaching Sessions Look Like?

The following information is by no means exhaustive (get in touch for more detail), but it provides a glimpse into the world of vocal coaching.


Firstly, a qualified vocal coach can help singers identify the right repertoire for every occasion. He will listen to your voice, and help choose excerpts and songs that are suited to your timbre, range, and vocal strengths. This will help present you in a positive light in front of juries and audiences. Vocal coaches will draw from experience to suggest works that often thrill judges, and will walk you through numerous repertoire selections itemized by technical difficulty, range, and other factors.


Secondly, vocal coaches often help singers with diction. Perhaps you will be presenting a set of German Lieder, or maybe you’re workshopping scenes from an Italian opera. A coach will correct any issues with pronunciation, help you project and maintain a beautiful tone while staying true to the language, and help you sound confident and stage-ready.


A coach can also help you decide on artistic interpretation. In a Broadway piece, for instance, would you draw audiences in with a smoky, whispered quality, or is the moment more suited to a clearer, fuller sound? Are you clearly and honestly communicating the subject matter with your tone, volume, and articulation? These things can help you win an audition, and that’s where a vocal coach can help.


Vocal coaches also help singers make logical cuts in music when time is an issue, or they can help you arrange a piece to fit your time parameters, or your range, or even as a courtesy to your pianist. Julian has helped many singers finalize a repertoire list prior to auditions, and he can help you create the perfect list.

A Vocal Coach in NYC who Has a Deep Understanding of Your Music

In short, a vocal coach is more of a “musical coach.” The coach shouldn't necessariy be spending time helping you with breathing, tension, a nasal sound, legato, vowels, or other technical issues – that’s the job of your voice teacher. The coach will help guide your musical decision-making process, your interpretation, and your presentation.

For More Information, Get in Touch

Julian helps singers on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, and all of Manhattan, and whether you need musical theatre lessons or singing lessons on the Upper West Side, please get in touch. He would be happy to find a lesson time at his studio near the corner of West 65th and Columbus (near Lincoln Center).

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