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Singing Lessons on the Upper West Side

Welcome to Julian Morris Voice Studio, where teens, adults, aspiring professionals and avid hobbyists alike take in-person voice lessons at my studio. I help people find confidence in their singing, and work in all genres, including R&B, country, pop, musical theater, and classical. My fundamental teaching philosophy is rooted in Bel Canto and Speech Level Singing – this helps me teach each student how to sing freely and beautifully regardless of their range and musical preferences. For information about lessons in my studio at 37 W 65th St or online, please get in touch.

Voice lessons new york city
Studio space in Manhattan, at 37 W 65th St (4th Floor)

Jill H.

“Julian is fantastic!  Incredibly nice and incredibly knowledgeable. My daughter has learned so much from him and I can definitely tell a difference in her singing.  Highly recommended!"

Learn From a Pro Singer and Educator

I’ve performed at Carnegie Hall, Auditorio Nacional de Música in Madrid, the LA Opera, and sung with the Clarion Society and the Cecilia Chorus, among many other ensembles. I’ve also performed in many operas, theater productions, and numerous recitals and concerts. In addition to my singing schedule, I’m an active member of the National Association of New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA).


I use my experience to help students overcome common hurdles, including:


  • How to sing clearly and beautifully, without tension or fatigue

  • How to sing with a consistent, reliable sound and technique

  • How to communicate and maintain a captivating stage presence

  • And much, much more

Singing lessons NYC

My Teaching Process

Assessing Your Goals and Level

I love meeting new students and determining the best approach for helping them succeed. In your first lesson, we’ll sing together, explore your voice type and range (or your potential range), and generally get a sense of your current level. No experience is necessary - I’m happy to work with total beginners in addition to experienced musicians and professional singers.

We will also discuss the unique goals you bring to lessons. Some singers wish to audition for college or graduate school, some have professional auditions coming up, some want to participate in New York City community choirs, and still others simply want a list of songs for the holidays or karaoke.

Pursuing a Personalized Lesson Plan

We spend time in each lesson working on warmups and vocal exercises. These may include lip trills, arpeggios, scales, and sometimes traditional vocalises like Vaccai and Marchesi. I will also show you how to practice these on your own at home.


Next, we’ll work together to pick music that you love and that will help you to improve. The goal in our repertoire selection is to find songs that you are well-suited for and excited about singing, within your technical skill set, and that will teach you new skills.

Genre-Specific Practices

If you are preparing for classical auditions, there are specific exercises and technical concepts that we will discuss in your lessons. Or, if you want to audition for choirs or a cappella groups, we will work on things like sight reading and rhythm. The same applies to theater, pop, jazz, and more – different musical styles have different demands on the singer.

Finding Performance Opportunities

Every musician benefits from performances with, and for, others. As a singer, you may benefit from auditioning for local ensembles, singing in age-appropriate competitions, or performing in front of your peers. I always invite students to record (audio or video), so you can objectively hear yourself and the improvements you’ve made. If performing is something you do not wish to pursue, and are interested in singing purely for personal enjoyment, that’s perfectly fine as well.



Where My Studio is Located

My voice lessons are held on the Upper West Side right next to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. I’m located in PianoPiano Studios on the fourth floor of 37 W 65th St. Many of my students walk to the studio, but you can also easily catch the subway and get off at the 66 St-Lincoln Center stop. If you have any questions about my studio location, please get in touch.

A Comprehensive Approach To Teaching Voice

I want to help my students become confident musicians who love singing, listening to music, and even writing music.


First, my students learn how to sing with a beautiful tone. Clear tone transcends genres and is the bedrock of any successful singer. I’m here to make the process as understandable as possible.

Second, you will also learn how to read notes, sight sing, identify key signatures and time signatures, and understand the difference between major and minor keys. This will help you read and interpret new pieces of music on your own.

Third, I help my singing students express their music through clear diction, confident gestures and stage movement (depending on the genre), and more. We will also discuss technical concepts, like chest voice, belting, head voice, and more.

Contact Julian For Voice Lessons on the Upper West Side

To take your voice to the next level, please fill out the form. Whether you’ve always wanted to sing, or you have a high schooler with theater auditions looming in the future, I’d love to work with you. I offer singing lessons in NYC to students of all backgrounds and skill levels, so please get in touch.

Thanks for submitting!

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