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Pop Vocals, Jazz Singing, & Singer-Songwriter Lessons in NYC

Lessons and Coachings

for Musical Theatre Performers

Securing Technique

Building a reliable, healthy, and consistent technique is essential to finding success as a musical theatre performer. Wherever you fall along the spectrum of "belter" to "legit" (loaded words, if you ask me), or tenor, to baritone, to bass (not so relevant in MT, anyway), I will work with you to help you hone your technique, discover your strengths, and sing with the confidence you need to captivate audiences and fully embody your character.

Same as in any other genre, in musical theatre, I advocate for a speech level singing technique. A clear tone and good intonation are the most important aspects of your singing. Without those, the bells and whistles don't matter!

Discover the Right Rep for you.

Part of putting your best foot forward in an audition is showing up with the right repertoire for you. Sometimes that song you dream of is a great fit, and sometimes it isn't the right piece at the right time. I work with all my musical theatre students to help them find, perfect, and polish the ideal songs for auditions, recordings, and public performances, drawing from recent works as well as standards. When appropriate, I also sometimes suggest something from a different genre that still shows what you can do vocally in an MT setting, such as a jazz standard or torch song.

Whatever it is you're going out for, I will work with you to identify the right 16 bars to truly show what you can do, and to get those 16 bars in the best possible shape so you really stand out.

Exercises and Methods to Help Strengthen Technique

My singing lessons in NYC usually begin with vocal exercises (unless maybe it's audition crunch time), designed to help build technique and foster understanding. I work with my students to help them feel confident and empowered to work on these exercises outside of lesson time, as well. I want all my students to be able to work on exercises outside of the studio, and be able to listen for the same things I'm listening for during our lessons.

A Professional, Welcoming Studio

It's hardcore out there - I get it. I strive to find a balance in my studio, and while I don't sugarcoat things or coddle my students (especially those with professional ambitions), I want the studio to be a place where you feel comfortable experimenting, exploring, and seeing what works. Throw something against the wall and see what sticks! Singing is a journey, and I want to be a constructive part of yours. For more information about my Upper West Side voice lessons and joining my studio, please get in touch.

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"Julian is an effective, supportive and creative voice teacher! In the time that we've worked together, I've noticed significant improvement in my singing. The techniques and ideas I've learned from Julian have been incredibly helpful when singing a range of music. I've also found that my confidence has increased tenfold because I've gained better control over my voice and how to sing in a healthy way thanks to our lessons. I would highly recommend him!"
-Julia R.
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