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Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of students do you work with?

I work with a large variety of students, including working professional singers, aspiring professionals, adult hobbyists, teenagers, and seniors. If you show up with a positive attitude, and are willing to dedicate yourself to our work together, you will be a great fit for the studio. 😌 

How much are lessons?

Lessons are $140/hr and take place a minimum of once per week. I also offer a discounted 4-lesson package for $480. Click here for more information about lesson fees and packages.

Do you offer scholarships?

I am happy to offer a small number of scholarship slots to students from ages 12 to 18 who show musical talent, are interested in pursuing a career in the arts, and whose families have financial limitations. Please contact me for more details

I do not offer scholarships to adult students.

What is your teaching schedule? What days and times do you teach?

I generally teach in the afternoon and early evening Monday through Thursday, in the early afternoon on Friday, and in the afternoon and early evening on Saturday. My teaching schedule changes somewhat week by week. I do my very best to accomodate everyone's schedules.

Do you offer free trial lessons?

I do not offer free trial lessons. New students are more than welcome to book their first lesson as a single lesson, at the regular hourly rate.

Where are you located?

My teaching studio is at 37 W 65th Street on the Upper West Side, near Lincoln Center. I also offer online lessons via Skype or FaceTime.

What is your scheduling/cancellation policy?

Lessons canceled with 24 hours notice will be credited a makeup lesson to be used the same month.


Lessons canceled with under 24 hours notice will not be provided a makeup lesson.

For in-person lessons canceled with less than 48 hours notice, the student is responsible for paying the room reservation fee of $30. The makeup lesson will be scheduled based on teacher availability.


Lessons canceled by the teacher will be given as much notice as possible and will be rescheduled within 30 days. 

What styles of music do you teach?

I work in almost every genre under the sun! My students work on repertoire ranging from classical, musical theatre, pop/rock, jazz, and more. I believe much of our vocal technique should stay the same even across genres. So, I don't really advocate for a singer to completely reinvent their sound or technique to sing a pop song, versus singing a jazz song. There are stylistic differences, of course, but the technique should largely remain.

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