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Song Notes

Singing Lessons
for Beginners

Lessons for Beginning and Amateur Singers

I Meet You Where You Are!

I have many students who come to me with very little or no experience singing whatsoever. Working with beginning singers is one of my favorite things. Watching light bulbs go off and aha moments are rewarding not only for me as a teacher, but for the student as well. I recognize and respect that singing is also a vulnerable and deeply personal thing for many, especially when you are just starting out. I will meet you where you are. If that means singing through the song together, and even learning the notes together, we can take it slow and discover your voice one step at a time.

What to Expect

In our first lesson, we will:

  • Assess current level and skills. I want to meet every student where they are, to see how I can best assist them and where we should start.

  • Determine short-term and long-term goals. There are no right or wrong answers here. Singers take voice lessons for all sorts of different reasons! For some, it is for pure enjoyment, and for others, it is in pursuit of a career in singing or music education.

  • Practice vocal exercises. As a beginner, it will likely be your first time working on a vocal exercise. These come in varying shapes and forms; I design them all to help you get to know your voice, and use it in a healthy way to make beautiful sounds. In every lesson, we will dedicate time to vocal exercises (or vocalises). 

  • Select repertoire based on goals. You may have a song in mind that you'd like to work on, or you may not. Either way, we can work together to determine what kind of pieces of music will help you the most on your vocal journey. I always work with my singers to make sure they are singing repertoire that they enjoy, and that will also be helpful and vocally appropriate for them. (We might not do this on the first day, depending.)

How to Practice On Your Own

Practicing on your own may sound daunting as a beginner. My goal for my students is that, over time, they will become more comfortable recording their lessons, so they can listen back and work to replicate what we worked on in the lesson, in their own practicing, using the vocal exercises I have given them, and applying those ideas to the songs they are working on.

Karaoke Counts, Too!

I Learning to sing is a very meaningful undertaking for people from all sorts of backgrounds. You don't have to be pursuing it professionally in order to vocal studies to be fulfilling! Whether you have no aspirations to ever sing in front of anyone else, or want to polish some songs for karaoke, I prioritize fostering a comfortable, professional environment in my studio for all my students. I want singing lessons to be an enjoyable, rewarding experience, regardless of your goals.

JM Teaching Pic Susannah.jpeg
"Since beginning voice lessons with Julian, I have not only improved my musical abilities, but my confidence as a singer and an artist. He has helped me unlock new modes for my voice, providing both insightful guidance and room for independent exploration. His commitment to craft is contagious, and above all, we have a lot of fun." 
-Susannah C.
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