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Singing Lessons
for Adults

Lessons for Adult Amateurs and Hobbyists

Lessons are about you.

Not everyone pursues voice lessons with the intention of taking professional auditions. Many students simply want to explore their voice and sing for the pure enjoyment of it. There is no pressure in the studio to pursue any sort of performing opportunities if that is not what you want!

All Skill Levels are Welcome!

Students come to voice lessons with a range of experience, includidng complete beginners who have never sung before in their lives. I always work to meet students where they are, and tailor lessons to you and your goals. Voice lessons are not one size fits all, and no experience is necessary to get started!

Exercises and Methods to Build Your Voice

Every lesson (pretty much) will begin with vocal exercises designed to help build technique and foster understanding. I work with my students to help them feel confident and empowered to work on these exercises outside of lesson time, as well, ideally building a regular practice routine. We then incorporate the ideas we discuss in warmups into the repertoire we are working on.

A Welcoming, Friendly Studio

I prioritize fostering a comfortable, professional environment in my studio for all my students. I want singing lessons to be an enjoyable, rewarding experience, regardless of your goals. I find voice lessons are no more effecrtive when the teacher is overly critical; I am here to guide you, and want every piece of advice I offer to be constructive and helpful.

"Being in lessons with Julian has opened up my voice in ways I didn’t think possible and in such a short amount of time.   Even after a long day of work Julian is able to meet me where I am energetically and is able get me to a place vocally I didn’t think possible.  I always feel 100% better after a lesson in so many ways."
-John L.
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